Renovating the kitchen with colors

The house that most characterize the house and that during the purchase phase has a lot of attention and generally devotes a good part of the time to the design, the choice of colors, the coverings, the lighting and how to embellish it.

The kitchen, for Italians, is not simply the place to spend time cooking, but also where friends meet, having a coffee, a drink for a quick aperitif and enjoying some sweet or savory delicacy.

In practice, a truly lived-in place of the house. Renovating the kitchen therefore becomes a choice and a continuous desire.

Passing a new coat of paint , as well as being a hygienic practice to remove moisture stains and renew the corners of the ceiling, is the operation that allows you to change the environment.

Changing color is not a bad move, especially since you can also choose to paint one wall at a time, in order to evaluate the effect it produces.

A very trendy classic combination is to paint a single red wall , preferably the one opposite the furniture and wall unit. The warmth of the color finds perfect assonance with the white of the other walls and allows you to immediately give a strong impact to the kitchens. It is good to dedicate strong colors and hues to a single wall, because they could tire easily.

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