Renovating the kitchen with plants

The plants have the strength, in any environment are arranged to transmit vitality and energy, thanks to their colors and scents.

On their own they can embellish and make any room in the house new.

Taking care of a plant or a flower becomes a pastime that helps to keep the mind busy with a manual activity and at the same time produces satisfaction in seeing the plant bloom and grow luxuriantly.

Along the edge of the window, on the shelves of the furniture or by arranging a series of shelves where you can arrange the aromatic herbs that will prove very useful when you are in stoves, being at the same time an element of decoration, but also a useful ingredient for many recipes.

When you are intent on preparing a sauce or a delicious dish, aromatic herbs can help give that extra flavor that enriches our culinary creations. Seedlings of basil, marjoram, chives, mint, parsley will become precious helpers as well as transmit their scent in the environment.

Adore the rustic country kitchens , which remind you of the moments of childhood, when you spent the summer with your grandparents and admired the splendor of that ancient cookware that hung on the walls, thanks to the particular color of the copper.

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