Caring for your curtains at home

The right pair of curtains can completely change the look of a room. However it is essential that you take care of your drapes or curtains at home so that they can keep looking as good as new. If you do not carry out proper maintenance for your curtains they might become discolored and dirty with the passing of time. The following things would help you take care of your curtains in a better way.

Tips from the experts at curtains Sydney

If you keep the following tips in mind your curtains are going to look exactly the way they did when you initially bought them.

It is essential that you read the instructions which came along with your curtains. The cleaning and maintenance of the fabric depends upon whether it can be washed or if it needs to be dry clean. If you have bought curtains from a store they would have definitely come with an instruction booklet which has all the information from installation to cleaning and maintenance. The curtains should be cleaned every six months so as to prevent the dirt from building up. On the other hand if you have invested in expensive curtains you may want to have them dry clean. This is especially essential for curtains which are made from silk or velvet. These are materials which require a great deal of care and it is best left to the professionals to clean these the right way.

For curtains made from material like cotton or any other fabric it is easy to wash these at home. However you need to be careful when you are putting the load into the washing machine that you wash these alone and not with any other colorful fabrics. You would definitely not want your light colored curtains to turn a certain shade of pink or blue just because you threw in another load with the washing machine. You also need to be careful that you never tumble dry the curtains otherwise they might end up looking all bunched up and would lose their draping. When it comes to sheer fabrics you may need to use a gentle cycle so that these do not get tangled or torn inside the wash.

It is a good idea to go for steam cleaning your curtains so that it can get a deep clean and would help get rid of any bacteria orders which are hard to get rid of through normal cleaning methods. Although expensive this kind of cleaning can actually increase the life of your curtains and also ensure that they do not lose their color.

You can easily get your curtain steam clean with the help of dry cleaners who come to your home and simply use a steam cleaning machine. However you would need to set up an appointment before hand and ensure that everything is out of the way while your curtains are being steam cleaned so as to allow for better efficiency and productivity.

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